Community Parks and Recreation Program

The City of Duluth has partnered with the Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund to support community groups that enhance both the physical and social aspects of City parks. 

In order to be eligible for funding, a project must:

  • Take place entirely or primarily on existing recognized units of Duluth's parks, recreation and trails system
  • Support the mission of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Division to fulfill the essential recreational, educational, cultural, and environmental needs that create a dynamic community
  • Encourage both financial and volunteer efforts

Priority will be given to projects that support one or more of the following key elements of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan:

  • Improve the quality of existing parks;
  • Expand the use of City parks and recreation areas;
  • Focus on connecting the community through trails and bikeways;
  • Have fewer, but higher quality recreation buildings;
  • Enhance stewardship of natural resources;
  • Expand partnerships with schools for community recreation and gathering; and 
  • Increase use and recognition of volunteers and volunteer groups.
Grant awards are not intended to provide permanent support for any purpose. Organizations must have the financial potential to sustain a program after funding by the Community Parks and Recreation Program ends. 

How to Apply

If you project aligns with the program's criteria, please submit an inquiry to with a description of the project, the time frame for completion and the requested amount. 

If invited, please use this application to submit a proposal.

Application deadlines are April 1 and October 1. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Grants Department

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