Darrell and Palchie Asselin Scholarship Fund

Fund Description

Darrell and Palchie Asselin Scholarship Fund was created as a memorial to provide financial assistance to the non-traditional student in financial need.

Application Criteria

Qualified Students (22 years old or greater, primary caregiver to one or more children, GPA of 2.5 or greater, and in the last half of their undergraduate degree at UMD, UWS or St. Scholastica) should complete & submit an application by the January 15th deadline day. A complete application will also include an academic transcript, recommendations and financial need documentation.

Fund Story

The Darrell and Palchie Asselin Scholarship was established in 1993 as a memorial to Darrell and Palchie Asselin. Mr. Asselin, originally from Crookston, established and built Northern Photo Company in Duluth. A well-respected businessman, he recognized the importance of higher education and had a strong commitment to providing financial assistance to those in need. Mr. Asselin died in 1993 and was preceded in death by his wife Palchie in 1987.

Awards Given from Fund

One scholarship (of about $2000/year), co-payable to the student and institution will be awarded each year. Generally, this annual award is divided into two installments- half for fall, half for spring- and is renewable once for up to two years total, assuming proper academic progress (2.5 or higher GPA) is maintained.

2014 awards included:
$2000, Kelly Stark
$2000, Christopher Hanson
$2000, Johanna Wilson

2013 awards included:
$2000, Jennifer Baker
$2000, Tanya Bednarek
$2000, Daniel Blomquist

2012 awards included: 
$2000, Daniel Blomquist
$2000, Nadine Cadotte
$2000, Melissa Starr

2011 awards included: 
$2000, Aliina Charging Hawk
$2000, Julianne Peters

2010 awards included: 
$2000, Korey LeBrasseur
$2000, Natalya Nektalov
$2000, Miranda Dobe

2009 awards included:

$2000, Miranda Dobe

2008 awards included: 
$2000, Aimee Petko