Forms and Applications

A few scholarships are not compatible with the newly developed application tool. Please follow the links below to apply for or nominate someone for one of the following three scholarships.


The application for 99% of scholarships is found through the Application portal. The portal starts out with an Eligibility Quiz which will help you figure out what you're eligible for. Other scholarships, however use different forms.

Greg Irons Staff Nomination Form (PDF) People interested in nominating an employee of the Duluth Public Schools for the Greg Irons Staff Award should use this form.

Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Scholarship  Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc. awards an annual $1500 scholarship to a graduating senior in the Duluth/Superior area (Douglas, Carlton or southern St. Louis counties) who will attend an accredited, non-profit technical school, community college or four-year university (public or private) in the fall following his or her senior year. Students of color are especially encouraged to apply. Following the link above will take prospective applicants to the CJM Memorial's website.

Small Business Education Scholarship Application (PDF) Business owners and entrepreneurs interested in applying for the Small Business Education Scholarship Application should use this form. 

G. Scott Ransom Scholarship Application (PDF) Athletes interested in learning more about the G. Scott Ransom Scholarship Application can visit the Duluth Alpine Club website to learn more and download the application. 

Steve Rolland Youth Peacemaker Award Nomination Form (doc) Recognize the work that Steve Rolland did by nominating someone that you think is creating or building peace in our community. Previous nominees have included a student activist, a hospital volunteer, and a student who worked with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Lake Superior Medical Society Tilderquist Application (PDF) First-year UMD medical school students should use this form to apply for the Tilderquist Scholarship.

Other Forms

For the majority of recommendations, the easiest way to request and submit a recommendation is through the application portal. Submitting a recommender's name and email into the portal will send a request email to the recommender which s/he can reply to, automatically appending the recommendation to the applicant's portfolio. 

If however, the recommender prefers a different submission method, area scholarship administrators have created this Universal Recommendation in a PDF format. This can be downloaded, completed and emailed back so

Acceptance / Renewal Form
Students who have been selected to receive a scholarship should use this Acceptance/Renewal Form to accept, decline or renew their award. Please download the form to your desktop, complete it with Adobe Reader (see below) and return to

Note about Application & Form PDFs

The above PDF forms are designed to be completed and saved with Adobe Reader. Most of them can be opened with web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, (or for Macs, Preview) etc), HOWEVER, by doing this, the save function may not work correctly. It is therefore important to use Reader to create a document which is fill-able, save-able and return-able. The link to download the newest version of Adobe Reader is here.

Once you have the correct program, save as/download the form to your desktop; open the Reader application and then open the document with the 'Open' command under the 'File' dropdown. After you have completed the form, 'save as' to your desktop or other folder, create an email and attach the saved PDF. If you have difficulties, contact the DSACF Scholarship Officer at 218.726.0232.