Robert B. and Sophia Whiteside Scholarship Fund

Fund Description

Robert B. and Sophia Whiteside Scholarship Fund was established in 1976 in memory of the pioneer Duluth lumberman and his wife, and later affiliated with the Community Foundation. This Fund awards scholarships to graduating seniors of Duluth high schools who give evidence of academic excellence, high character, demonstrated leadership, and promise of contributing to the betterment of society.

Application Instructions

High school seniors graduating in the top 10% of their class from schools (including home schools) in Duluth and who seek admission to any fully-accredited, degree granting, four year college or university may apply. Students should complete and submit the DSACF Common Application by the deadline day. A complete application will also include an academic transcript (including standardized test scores) and two recommendations.

Selection Criteria

The Robert B and Sophia Whiteside Scholarship Committee will select individual scholarship recipients. They will base their decision on the applicant’s academic record (including grade point average and standardized school aptitude exam), character and involvement in community and school activities.

Recipient Responsibilities

• The majority of communication between recipients and the scholarship administrators will take place via email or other appropriate technology. Recipients are required to have and regularly check their email and notify the Community Foundation of any changes to their contact information. 
• Recipients of DSACF scholarships are expected to acknowledge acceptance of the award promptly. This acknowledgment will take two forms, completion of an Acceptance Form provided by the Community Foundation and secondly, a thank you letter/card to the award's sponsor. The Community Foundation will provide names and addresses as needed. If unable to accept the scholarship, the committee should be given that information and a reason in a prompt manor. 
• Recipients must inform the DSACF of all other scholarship they are receiving. Total awards for any given semester can not exceed the stated cost for attendance at that institution.
• Recipients must complete enough credits to be recognized as a full-time student in each semester an award is made. Likewise, a satisfactory grade point average (different by scholarship) must be maintained. 
• If the student receives funds from the college due to non-completion of a term or not attending full time, these funds are to be returned to the DSACF. If the college requirements are not met, but there is no refund, the scholarship will be forfeited. 
• The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation hopes that recipients recognize and appreciate the contributions their award has made to their futures. It further anticipates that, in the years to come, recipients find some way to give back to the community that provided them with these opportunities.

Fund Story

The Whiteside Scholarship was established in memory of Robert and Sophia Whiteside by the will of their daughter Marion Whiteside Meining. Robert Whiteside was a pioneer Duluth lumberman and mining executive active in the formation of the city of Duluth.

Awards Given from Fund

Numerous scholarships (of about $6000/year), payable to the student alone, will be awarded each year. Generally, this annual award is divided into two installments--half for fall, half for spring--and is renewable for four years, assuming proper academic progress (GPA of 2.75 or greater in the first year and 3.0 or greater in subsequent years) and good character are maintained. Depending on the availability of funds, full-time summer school attendance may be awarded if sufficient credits are earned. 

2014 awards included:

$6000, Sarah al'Absi
$6000, Katherine Allen
$6000, David Anderson
$6000, Ellen Badger
$6000, Cadence Bambenek
$6000, Joseph Barnes
$6000, Darian Bergerson
$6000, Mariah Berner
$6000, Sydoney Blackmore
$6000, Miranda Boen
$6000, Anna Bolgrien
$6000, Signe Braafladt
$6000, Claire Bransky
$6000, Charles Bray
$6000, Eric Brekke
$6000, Madeline Carpenter
$6000, Katelyn Caskey
$6000, Breyen Coffin
$6000, Richard Coffin
$6000, Anthony Cotter
$6000, Brenton Decker
$6000, Caden DeRoche
$300, Eric DeWitte
$6000, Daniel Erickson
$6000, Kaarin Evens
$6000, Laurel Eyer
$6000, Samuel Fehringer
$6000, Andrew Florestano
$6000, Madeline Fontaine
$6000, Ella Fox
$6000, Jonathan Gessert
$6000, Berit Goodge
$6000, Aaron Grossman
$6000, Kali Gustafson
$3000, Laura Halvorsen
$6000, Delaney Hart
$6000, Katherine Harvey
$6000, Annie Harvieux
$6000, Alyssa Hess
$6000, Danish Imtiaz
$6000, Elizabeth Jacobson
$6000, Christine Karas
$6000, Julia Klein
$6000, Claire Kleinschmidt
$6000, Calvin Kosmatka
$6000, Nathaniel LaFond
$6000, Jacqueline LaLiberte
$6000, Brianna Lally
$6000, Kai Larsen
$6000, Bauer LeSavage
$6000, Yiming Liu
$6000, Kelly Lorenz
$6000, Garrett Maron
$300, Alisha Martin
$6000, Anna Menzel
$6000, Ethan Meyers
$6000, Benjamin Michalicek
$6000, Ean Mullins
$6000, Peder Norr
$6000, Weston Norris
$6000, Kayla Olson
$6000, Danielle Patterson
$6000, Ian Peters
$6000, Mya Peterson
$6000, Mathew Peterson
$6000, Anne Plachta
$6000, Joshua Plys
$6000, Claira Poirier
$6000, Kelly Popham
$6000, Sarah Reichhoff
$6000, Gunnar Roadfeldt
$6000, Nicole Sannes
$6000, Mara Sauve
$6000, Madeline Schenk
$6000, Sophia Schuder
$6000, McKinley Sconiers-Hasan
$6000, Patrick Sheedy
$6000, Hans Slade
$6000, Regina Sternberg
$6000, Sarah Stevens
$6000, Kyle Stupca
$6000, Isak Swanson
$6000, Stephen Sweeney
$6000, Blake Tapa
$6000, Lindsey Taylor
$6000, Erik Thibault
$6000, Jon Tiburzi
$6000, Joseph Vecchi
$6000, Anthony Vecchi
$6000, Samuel Wattrus
$6000, Mary Kate Wheeler
$6000, Bailey Widstrom
$6000, Sophie Wilkowske
$6000, Amity Wipson
$6000, Erik Zimmerman